Go East, Young Dog

rescue & transport

Bringing best friends together
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Go East, Young Dog!
rescue & transport

Go East, Young Dog!
rescue and transport
Bringing best friends together!

Unconditional Love Pet Rescue
Go East, Young Dog is dedicated to sending down-on-their-luck dogs and puppies to better lives in the eastern U.S. We started the rescue recently with the mission of finding good homes for the huge number of homeless, unwanted, dumped, neglected and abandoned dogs in our part of the world: poor, rural northwest Arkansas.

After working with the local Humane Society for several years, the founders of this organization realized there would never be enough adopters locally for all the unwanted animals. The shelter was constantly full and not accepting new animals. The hundreds of pups turned away were often left to live miserable lives, and they multiplied, adding to the problem. Many were killed; euthanized, shot or hit by cars.

Go East, Young Dog has leased the animal control facility from the city of Berryville, Arkansas, traditionally a high-kill shelter, and uses the facility as short-term kennel housing for a constant influx of dogs and puppies. We take in and prepare for adoption all dogs from the city's animal control officer, and endangered dogs and puppies from many other sources.

Once in our care, the dogs are given all vaccinations, are wormed, spayed or neutered, cleaned up and nursed to good health. We also work hard to socialize the dogs as much as possible within the kennel setting, which makes for more successful adoptions.

We photograph and video the dogs and posts them online, then work as matchmakers to unite potential adopters with the perfect canine buddy. Potential adopters are carefully screened, with references checked, and we work hard to make sure adopters get a pup suitable to their lifestyle.

Once adopted, the dogs travel east – via a commercial pet transport service – to meet their new families. In our first year, 250 of our dogs have been placed in loving homes.

Go East, Young Dog's operations are funded by adoption fees and contibutions from dog lovers. Donations are gratefully accepted and are used to rescue greater numbers of dogs. Go East, Young Dog is an IRS recognized 501c3 public charity. Donations are tax deductible.

Go East, Young Dog, inc.
1233 Bunch Springs Rd., Berryville AR 72616
For more information on our shelter and our adoption process, please email : adoptioninfo@goeastyoungdog.org

Adopt a Pet Site http://www.adoptapet.com/cgi-bin/public/shelter-details.cgi/display?shelter_id=85147&adopts_out=all

Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/goeastyoungdog

Postings of successful adoptions http://goeastyoungdog.boards.net/

You Tube http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyFdWlC0sQZ573IcKFikiCQ


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